Saunafulness® – The Natural Wellness Model of Finnish Saunas

Saunafulness® is all about holistic wellness, the aim of which is to help you relax. The heart of Saunafulness®, as its name suggests, is the sauna and its heat therapy. Fulness, in turn, refers to a holistic approach that combines exercises and wellness to positively impact both mind and body. Saunafulness® helps you consciously incorporate different senses into your sauna sessions. Activating your senses is an important part of the overall sauna experience. 

Saunafulness® is a wellness concept that is closely tied to the Finnish sauna, which brings together the health and wellness effects outlined in the previous section. Saunafulness® details how you can consciously utilize your sauna experience to enhance wellness.

Saunafulness® presents saunaing in a new way by deepening and strengthening the overall sauna experience to improve health and wellness. Saunafulness® describes how you can add elements of natural wellness to your sauna sessions.

Saunafulness® gives you a new sauna-based wellness model and describes different natural wellness exercises that you can complete according to your own needs. The exercises of Saunafulness® combine body, mind, wellness, health and the different senses.

Case: Saunafulness Lapland Hotels Bulevardi, Helsinki Finland

We have at over 100 saunas in Lapland Hotels Bulevardi, so the sauna is particularly important for us. Our guests choose us often for our saunas. Lapland Hotels chain has over 1,000 saunas and sauna bathing has been one of our company’s most important atmospheric elements already since the 1960’s.

Saunafulness® is Holistic Relaxation

Saunafulness focuses on experiencing a sauna through different senses. Your senses can be trained, and this leads to more multisensory sauna experiences. A key way to create an enriching sauna session is to incorporate different exercises for both mind and body.

The sauna is known, even among Finns, simply as doing and experiencing things related to a sauna, i.e., the steam room, but we all know that there is a lot more to saunas and saunaing than merely spending time in a sauna. Saunas involve preparation tasks and frequent cool-down periods, which are essential—just to name a few. The heart of Saunafulness is truly about the holistic experience: what happens before the sauna, what happens during the sauna and how do you relax after the sauna?

The division of the sauna experience into three different stages, along with cool-down periods, will make you see your own home sauna in a completely new way. Classifying these three sauna stages into their own “parts” gives us, according to the Saunafulness model, countless different ways to achieve wellness adapted to our own circumstances and personal needs.

Saunafulness is suitable for any situation. It’s perfect whether you’re taking a sauna to get pampered, to give your muscles a restorative stretch, or just to get yourself moving, Saunafulness is a great way to spend time with your family or to treat your friends. At its best, Saunafulness will simply be a moment to relax—a mini vacation with no other purpose than relaxation. This is how you achieve wellness by saunaing. Saunafulness is your own sauna ritual that you create to match your own desires.

The essence of Saunafulness is to give anyone who’s interested the tools to attain health benefits from saunas and exercises related to heat therapy. Perhaps even more important, aside from personal wellness, is that Saunafulness could possibly lead to more people taking longer, more frequent saunas with richer experiences, therefore bringing the health benefits of saunas to a larger number of people.

Saunafulness combines sauna, health, wellness, mind and body.

The Finnish sauna has scientifically and experience-proven effects on health and wellness. Finns have been enjoying these health and wellness benefits without thinking too much of them. You can still enjoy saunas just like before, but Saunafulness opens up new opportunities to enjoy the wellness benefits of saunas in new ways.

Saunafulness is Holistic

  • Sauna experience: Before the sauna, in the sauna and after the sauna
  • Using the senses while saunaing
  • Exercises for both mind and body 
  • Health and wellness effects of saunas

The Core of the Saunafulness Concept:

  • Sauna Experience (before, in and after the sauna)
  • The multisensory nature of the sauna: the conscious use of senses
  • Exercises for body and mind (50 different options in total)

The effects of saunas on health and well-being are divided into three areas as well:

  • Relaxation and mental conditioning
  • Skin and beauty care
  • Body care and recovery

Each of these areas has exercises that can be done before, during or after the sauna. Feel free to choose your daily Saunafulness goal and modify it at any given time to create your own unique experience. The following sections describe options for each step. Every exercise will indicate when it is to be performed, its intended effects, and whether it is easy to implement or if it requires some prior preparation.

In addition, certain stages allow you to choose sensory exercises to enhance your Saunafulness experience.

Saunafulness in Easy!

Despite all the instructions given here, Saunafulness is fundamentally easy. That is, all exercises are such that you can incorporate them quickly into your Saunafulness experience, or at most, with a little preparation. Saunafulness, therefore, has a low barrier to entry, so you can always gain a surprising number of benefits.


About the book: 

Saunafulness® provides the reader with a variety of natural wellbeing exercises that can be adjusted according to one’s needs. The exercises unite the mind, the body, one’s health and all the different senses. Saunafulness can be practiced in any sauna with easy-access materials accompanied by clear instructions.


For International Publishers

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For companies

Saunafulness® makes your sauna service experiential

Saunafulness® opens up opportunities to enjoy the wellness possibilities of sauna in a new way. Saunafulness is a great way to develop a corporate sauna service into a holistic source of well-being and thus get more business through your own sauna service. Saunafulness is suitable for connection to all types of tourist services, which include sauna facilities. Saunafulness® can be integrated into your company’s existing service packages into meeting and wellness services.


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Carita Harju has always enjoyed saunas and goes to sauna with her family nearly every day. In 2010, she founded Sauna from Finland, because she felt that there was simply not enough discussion of saunas – especially from the perspective of health and wellness. The organization’s mission is to create the world’s best sauna experiences, and Harju loves her work, because it allows her to advance an idea that she is personally so passionate about.

Carita Harju is a Finnish Sauna Experience Expert and a versatile marketing professional. Her passion is to bring the knowledge on the large positive health and wellness impacts of the Finnish sauna to a wider global awareness. Carita is the Executive Director of her company Sauna from Finland that represents the network of over 200 sauna industry companies.

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